Welcome to Developments in Clinical Oncology, a new peer-reviewed open access journal from the former publishers of Postgraduate Medicine, The Physician and Sportsmedicine, and Hospital Practice.

Developments in Clinical Oncology will cover all topics relevant to the care of cancer patients with particular emphasis on supporting a multidisciplinary team approach. The goal of this approach is to transform the healthcare professionals involved in sequential, multidisciplinary care, into an interdisciplinary team. It is in increasing demand among patients seeking active collaboration in their treatment as well as integrative or alternate therapies.

Developments in Clinical Oncology will serve the entire clinical care team—including management, palliative care, formulary, and all subdisciplines—with the latest research findings to aid them in their practice.

DCO Sample Cover

Sample Cover

eISSN: 2373-1567

eISSN: 2373-1567